Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Download the DeusApp .
  2. Signup in app before February 5th.
  3. Submit your email to receive a code.
  4. Visit the DeusApp Airdrop page and complete all the social tasks.
  5. You will receive 500 DEUS ($50) in the application from February 6 to 10.
  6. The tokens can be withdraw only 3 months after the airdrop ends and users do KYC.


Deus is engaged in providing STO issuance services to companies of all sizes.

DEUS is a new generation ecosystem for tokenization and startups development in the digital market. The company has all the necessary competencies and experience and offers a full range of services for successful launch of its clients' products on the market and for the creation of the financial internet of the future.